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Kyle Kohner, Copy Editor & Office Manager

Amid his final year with the Chimes, Kyle is a four-year vet of the publication. Before this year, Kyle began his tenure like most at the Chimes—as a freelancer and an apprentice. He’s also held positions as the online editor and the A&E staff writer in the past. He also demands that you all go watch the movie “Hereditary.”

Hello there! My name is Kyle Kohner, born and raised in San Bernardino, California. I am a senior journalism student at Biola University and a self-proclaimed film buff and music addict.

A movie and music critic by trade, I am a firm believer that watching film and listening to music go hand-in-hand. Because the two mediums make the world go round and humanity sane, I see it is as my job and passion to discern the good from the bad within the differing yet kindred realms of entertainment.

Aside from passion for the arts, it is probably worth noting that I am the Chimes’ office manager and copy editor. I, alongside Victoria try to make sure that the content produced by this publication are without flaws. If you see an article containing the wrong usage of “they’re” or “Its,” it’s probably my fault. Outside of the Chimes, I can be seen—you guessed it—listening to music and watching movies. But I also have a deep passion for street photography.

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