Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Playlist

Add these 2017 tracks to your music streaming profiles to capture this in between season essence.


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Kyle Kohner, Writer

1. Tyler The Creator – “November”

Tyler The Creator’s latest album “Flower Boy” signified a breakthrough for the 25-year-old rapper, including a mature step in both sound and character. Although one of the least memorable tracks off of “Flower Boy,” “November” explicitly fits this list by default of its title.

2. (Sandy) Alex G – “Proud”

While he has established himself with lo-fi prowess, Alex Giannascoli slowed things down with twainy affection and sentimental lyricism on his latest album “Rocket,” whose lead single “Proud” could not capture the album’s country-esque musings any better. With a heavily schmaltzy vibe, Alex G’s “Proud” transpires as the perfect track to bridge the feeling of summer and fall.

3. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard ft. Mild High Club – “The Countdown”

Just two months after releasing the electrifying “Murder of The Universe,” psych rock overlords King Gizzard & The Lizard toned things down to an unseen level — I mean way down with the help of Mild High Club.  With the release of the band’s third album in 2017, “Sketches of Brunswick East” saw King Gizzard travel a jazzy path into the autumnal of life and no other track demonstrated this more than “The Countdown.”

4. Julien Baker – “Appointments”

Julien Baker stole our hearts in 2015 by breaking onto the music scene with her stunning debut album “Sprained Ankle.” Now, the prodigy resurfaces with her sophomore project “Turn Out the Lights,” set for a Oct. 27 release. “Appointments,” the album’s lead single released in late August, features an array of melancholic diversions through an emotive palette and overarching tranquility.

5. Cut Copy – “Tied To The Weather”

It’s hard to really connect these relatively shiny synth pop juggernauts with the transitioning atmosphere of summer to fall. However, the closing track off Cut Copy’s latest album “Haiku From Zero” exists as an exception. “Tied To The Weather” speaks volumes to its dense atmosphere. With metallic, dewy synth pads abound and reverb aplenty, Cut Copy devises an ethereal aura, making it hard to keep this track off this playlist.

6. Bjork – “The Gate”

At this point, expecting anything subpar from icelandic goddess Bjork would be futile. With the release of “The Gate,” the first single off her upcoming album “Utopia,” Bjork has capsized our senses once again with unequivocal vocals and an incomparable ambiance by virtue of the genius artistry behind Arca.

7. Ariel Pink – “Feels Like Heaven”

It’s hard to deny the importance behind lo-fi pioneer Ariel Pink. With his latest album “Dedicated to Bobby Jameson,” a surprising success, Pink eschews some characteristic, lo-fi zaniness of his back catalog for some dreamier arrangements in “Feels Like Heaven.” With this track, Ariel Pink concocts aerial soundscapes that captures fall unlike any other on this playlist.

8. LCD Soundsystem – “American Dream”

With a comeback album for the record books, LCD Soundsystem’s “American Dream” will end up as their darkest project to date. The title track vouches for this notion by flaunting similarities to the gloominess of electronic juggernaut Brian Eno, but with an atmosphere comparable to a nocturnal stroll through the park at 11 p.m. in October. With the vast majority of this record focused on building and layering from simplicity into something gorgeous and danceable, the title track maintains its sweeping essence throughout and will inevitably throw any listener into a sedated loop with devastatingly gorgeous walls of sound.

9. Annie Hart – “Hard to Be Still”

Just as she was able to do as an integral part of synth pop trio Au Revoir Simone, Annie Hart envelops her listeners with the warmest embrace as she sincerely discourses love and heartbreak with her debut album “Impossible Accomplice.” Hiding within this collage of sweltering soundscapes and palpable textures, elegant dance pop emanates to balance out the underlying melancholy. With wistful lyricism at the forefront and iridescence humming throughout, Hart perfectly parallels the warm and chilling fluctuation of fall.

10. Alvvays – “Dreams Tonite”

Alvvays’ sophomore album “Antisocialites” has been received extremely well for building off its debut project. With that being said, the album’s second single, “Dreams Tonite,” burns like a slow dance under the moonlight, one that is both emotionally exhausting and paradoxically charming due to its relatively upbeat tempo. Like every other track on this playlist, “Dreams Tonite” is warm and breezy and made for your fall playlist, add it immediately.

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