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Micah Kim
Micah Kim is a sophomore journalism major who would probably be asking for Spotify playlists from his friends. Other than that, he would be blasting his ears with Radiohead.

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Born in Pennsylvania, having South Korean blood in my pulsing veins and hacking my way through family missions in China, life had been full of complex colors that I could not name. Finding ways to express my way out of the constant stress I was in was always full of music until I found writing as my new set of crayons. The Chimes has been the best opportunity for me to explore writing at the fullest. And as I’ve been given the chance to tells stories for the Biola community, I put effort into integrating God’s purpose and mission within my writing.

Other than writing, listening to music is probably almost a skill I mastered with my ears. Like tasting different types of food, I constantly put effort into tasting distinct music whether it tastes bland or salty. Yet, my all time favorite band is and will be Radiohead just because of Thom Yorke’s sleepy voice. If you guys don’t understand Radiohead, too bad. You’re missing out.

Micah Kim, News Editor

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The URB-E scoots on campus (Story)
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Soaring Stories: ‘I am God’s Miracle’ (Story)
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ParaBrands aims to impact the world through fashion (Story)
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Punk ‘n’ Pie 2018: let’s taco bout it (Story)
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