Meet the new SGA and SMU executive boards

SGA’s Renee Waller and SMU’s Carly Micheal hire new members to build their Fall 2019 board.

Micah Kim, Deputy News Editor

As Biola approaches the end of 2019’s spring semester, the Student Government Association and the Student Missionary Union have officially put new leaders in place to serve in several key positions for the 2019-2020 school year. Both the SGA and SMU presidents are hopeful their new hires can carry on the hardworking legacy of the 2018-2019 school year’s leadership.


SGA president-elect and junior political science major Renee Waller and SGA senior vice president-elect and sophomore political science major Seth Gladysz have hired four fellow students to fill out SGA’s six-member executive board. In an email to the Chimes, Waller expressed her excitement and gratitude for the new members.

“Seth and I could not be more grateful and humbled to work with such a talented group of people,” Waller said. “Each one of them has an incredible work ethic and drive that will propel them to execute their creative vision for their respective positions. From more budget transparency to different marketing techniques, they are already brainstorming and going above the call of duty to make positive changes through their positions.”


  • Senior Vice President: Sophomore political science major Seth Gladysz
  • Vice President of Finance, Tech and Human Relations: Freshman computer science major Thomas (Joshua) Burgess
  • Vice President of Administration [shared with SMU]: Sophomore public relations major Julia Alvarez
  • Vice President of Community Relations: Sophomore business administration major Christina (Jeeyune) Lee
  • Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion: Junior business administration major Caleb Strauss


Meanwhile, SMU president and junior business administration major Carly Micheal hired nine new members for the upcoming school year’s SMU board of directors. In an email, Micheal conveyed her enthusiasm for new opportunities to further develop and cultivate the new era of SMU.

I am ecstatic about this next year. We have an incredible board of directors who are passionate, prayerful, faithful, and desire excellence in all that they do,” Micheal said. “We are all excited about our newly hired staff, and are expectant to see what the Lord will do through SMU this year! My heart is filled with gratitude for this beautiful gift of an awesome team.”


  • Vice President of SMU: Junior accounting major Joey Cohen
  • Vice President of Office Administration [shared with SGA]: Sophomore public relations major Julia Alvarez
  • Global Missions Director: Junior business marketing major Colton Stoody
  • Local Missions Director: Junior biblical studies major Joe Lee
  • Missions Conference Co-director: Junior kinesiology and Christian ministries major Josh Saucy
  • Missions Conference Co-director: Sophomore international business major Brynn Fieldhouse
  • Marketing and Communication Director: Sophomore studio arts major Maddie Miller
  • Human Relations Director: Sophomore public relations major Bridget Gillespie
  • Finance Controller: Freshman accounting major Danielle Georgia

Editor’s note: All class distinctions represent the student’s class during the 2018-19 academic year.

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