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Pierce Singgih
Pierce Singgih is a senior journalism major who keeps postponing graduation. When he’s not writing or editing, he can be found watching a Noah Baumbach film or drinking coffee.

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I transferred to Biola as a biology major in 2017. You read that right. I wanted to be a doctor. After a semester here, and a few semesters of biology at community college, I realized I had zero desire to pursue a career in medicine. With no direction and little experience writing, I took a leap of faith into journalism. Now, after two years in the program, a few internships and my time with the Chimes, I’ve fallen in love with storytelling. 

At its core, journalism is the voice of the community. Journalists provide a voice to the voiceless, standing up for those can’t stand up for themselves. I love representing a community and its people, bringing their voice to life in order to make real change. 

Last summer, I interned for the Los Angeles Daily News where I did just that. I submerged myself in the San Fernando Valley –– a Los Angeles community –– covering breaking news, crime, elections and homelessness, among other issues. I also contribute to Film School Rejects, an online entertainment publication where I’ve covered the Los Angeles Film Festival and have certified film reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Now, I’m excited to follow in the footsteps of Editors-in-Chief before me and lead the Chimes into a new era of journalistic excellence.

Pierce Singgih, Editor-in-Chief (Fall 2019)

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