Spring 2019 theater preview

Theatre director Zachary Bortot peels back the curtain on Theatre 21’s spring productions.

Pierce Singgih, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Theatre 21 productions return this spring with plays that are intended to push audiences to contemplate the deeper messages behind the stories, all while highlighting the talents of the theatre department. This was evident last fall, as “The Boys Next Door” joyfully highlighted those in the intellectually challenged community while “Almost, Maine” allowed student director Emily Delgado to spread her wings and helm an entire production by herself. This spring, students can look forward to Theatre 21’s productions of “As It Is In Heaven” and “Eleemosynary” for wholesome entertainment that incorporates themes of diversity and inclusivity.

“One thing that is exciting is that both productions have entirely female casts, with female directors,” said assistant professor of theatre Zachary Bortot in an email.

“As It Is In Heaven” –– March 29 – April 7

Bortot describes Theatre 21’s first spring production, “As It Is In Heaven,” as following a religious community in 1830s Kentucky where a recent convert suddenly experiences the supernatural. Many other women in the community similarly experience the supernatural, seeing angels and receiving spiritual gifts regarding the arts, stirring trouble in the community. Off-campus guest Angela Sonner will direct.

“‘As It Is In Heaven” is a thought-provoking look at how faith communities deal with the internal issues that divide us,” Bortot said in an email.  

“Eleemosynary” –– April 26 – April 28

Directed by senior communications major Emily Reese Castro, “Eleemosynary” follows three generations of women whose strained relationships come together after a tragedy in the family. Emotional, sensitive and thoughtful, “Eleemosynary” contemplates the difficulties and necessities of different relationships.

“Eleemosynary is a poignant character study that examines how three generations of women must find ways to be charitable in the act of reconciling past wounds inflicted on one another,” Bortot said in an email. “It will be [Castro’s] final production with Theatre 21 before she graduates this spring.”

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