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Have you been following our coverage? Brush up on the biggest news stories of the past two weeks.

Andi Basista and Caleb Jonker

Chimes News Quiz!

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Los Angeles County voted in favor of mandating proof of vaccination in social settings. When does this ordinance begin?

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The Texas abortion law went into effect on Oct. 2. At what week does the state begin to ban abortions?

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In an SGA meeting on Oct.14, senators proposed the idea of upgrading which coffee shop on campus?

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A fire broke out on campus near Fluor Fountain on Oct. 14. What was the cause of the fire?

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 After a massive oil spill near Huntington Beach, how long were the beaches closed?

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What is one of the new incentives being extended to encourage vaccination among middle and high school students in L.A. County?

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What Christian-pop singer led the Thursday night Torrey and Ablaze joint conference session in worship?

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