SGA Rundown: Campus events and diversity training

Senators discuss involvement opportunities and support on campus.

Hannah Larson, Freelance Writer

The Student Government Association discussed holding campus events and encouraging involvement in student government. This week, senators considered how to engage students through university-wide events.


Senators floated the idea of a Mr. Biola pageant and suggested inviting student bands to play music at the fireplace. They considered a campus-wide event with an obstacle course, games and food catering on Metzger Lawn that would take place alongside an involvement fair. 

Senators discussed the possibility of renovating Common Grounds as a specialty coffee shop. As the coffee shop is managed by Bon Appetit, it could not be completely renovated, but they considered upgrading equipment and revamping Common Grounds to create a more welcoming environment. 


Senators proposed a new amendment to the SGA Constitution that would allow a full time undergraduate student to serve as a senator without having completed at least one semester of credits. The student would only be elected at the discretion of SGA executives and advisor Sandy Hough. Some senators expressed concern that a freshman senator representing a building of juniors and seniors may not identify with their constituents’ concerns. Others argued this amendment would allow freshmen running to fill a vacant senate seat to be weighed equally with older students.


Chief Diversity Officer Tamra Malone gave a presentation about Biolans being empowered by the Spirit to be unified amid diversity. She encouraged senators as student leaders to celebrate diversity among their constituents and the student body as a whole. Malone and SGA vice president of diversity and inclusion India Long led senators in a group activity to teach that there are two sides to every story. Malone emphasized the importance of cultural humility and the need to celebrate the diversity on Biola’s campus. She referenced the Biola Theological Statement on Diversity as a tool to understand the university’s view on unity and diversity.  


Cinema and media arts students requested $2,000 from SGA to host a movie produced by their  film class. This funding would go toward hosting a black tie film premiere at the Regal theater in La Habra. Their mission is to connect the Biola film crew with the rest of the student body by presenting their film to the university in a professional setting.

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