Ablaze Conference kicks off with a bang

The Jesus People Movement join Torrey Conference on Metzger Lawn.


Haven Luper-Jasso // THE CHIMES

The crowd enjoys worship during the Torrey / Ablaze cross-over session on night two.

Julianne Foster and Caleb Jonker

On Oct. 7, Biolans and attendees from across the country attended the fourth Torrey Conference session in combination with the first Ablaze Conference session. 

The Ablaze Conference is hosted by the Center for the Study of the Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit and the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center. The goal of this year’s conference is to “explore how the Holy Spirit sparked revival 50 years ago in the Jesus People Movement—and how he can set us ablaze again today.”


Director of the Center for the Study of the Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Oscar Merlo introduced Christian pop singer, Evan Craft, who inspired the crowd to dance with those around them to his upbeat Spanish and English worship songs. 

Following worship, singer Melody Green spoke on her testimony from the 70s during the start of the Jesus People Movement. Green explained that Christians need a strong foundation in the Bible in the midst of cultural change.

Lead pastor at The Village Church, Matt Chandler, spoke on the opportunity college students have to spark a revival similar to the Jesus People Movement. He explained that the Holy Spirit connects us to God and gives the power of Christ to proclaim the Word of God to the world. 


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