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Chimes News Quiz

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On Jan. 24 Biola held a chapel and Zoom panel honoring the legacy of which civil rights leader?

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Cases against two major universities will be brought to the Supreme Court this year for discriminatory practices. Which two universities are they?

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The Student Government Association senators proposed a Valentine's Day event. What name did they propose?

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Cafe Bon Appetit held a “Food Forum'' on Jan. 27 and 28 to field concerns from students. What was one of the major themes of the event?

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Which of the following is not one of the groups created by the Biola Counseling Center for students seeking to join support groups?

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Members of an SMU mission trip were forced to quarantine on location after being exposed to COVID-19. Which country were they visiting?

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On Feb. 1 bomb threats shut down at least 17 universities. Which universities were specifically targeted by the threats?

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