Bon Appetit hosts “Food Forum”

In an effort to address concerns Bon Appetit opened the floor to questions.

Caleb Jonker, News Editor

On Jan. 27 and 28 members of the Biola Bon Appetit team gathered in the Billy and Trudy Kim dining hall to answer questions and learn how they can serve the Biola community.


Bon Appetit General Manager Steve Rall and Assistant General Manager Heather Rawl wanted an opportunity to respond to concerns raised online by digital users. According to Rall the “Food Forum” was an opportunity for the team to hear student experiences, answer questions and learn how they can adapt to serve students better.

Rall acknowledged that responding to student concerns raised on the anonymous Instagram account Biiola_Tea was one of the reasons for the assembly. Rall emphasized that he wanted to create solutions for students’ complaints. The Kim dining hall was set in preparation for a large group, but only a few students attended each day.

Rall explained that the forum was open for two days to create greater opportunities for students to get into direct contact with the team. 

“We are here for students, that is job No. 1,” Rall explained.


The COVID-19 pandemic caused several changes within the institution and the Caf was no exception. With shortages continuing to impact the nation, Rall explained that the team often orders one thing but receives another. Because the Caf makes everything from scratch, this means they often have to improvise meals based on the ingredients they receive.


Rawls explained that the comment cards in the cafeteria are a good way to communicate, but they are only the start. Rawls said that she reads every card, every night, but student requests are not always clear. Through the food forum they were able to begin to identify and decode some of the problems students had.

Many students raised concerns about food intolerances, while other students raised questions about the types of food being served. 

The forum was also joined by Biola’s new executive chef, Zach Chambers. Chambers explained that because the menu is so broad, students’ suggestions can help shape the finalized menu. 

Rall emphasized that it is all about finding a balance between familiar and exciting, understanding the need for diverse food while still providing the staples. 

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