Biola Counseling Center offers new student support groups

Supporting BCC therapy groups allows for more students to join.

Julianne Foster, Staff Writer

The Biola Counseling Center promotes therapy and counseling groups to help students, adding three new support groups this semester. According to its site, the groups allow students to “explore life and address challenges together with others who share their same concerns in confidential, supportive small groups.” Most groups cost $5 per session, while individual therapy sessions are $20 each.


This semester’s groups include the Black Indigenous and People of Color at Biola support group, Grieving Together support group, and Creatively Alive support group. 

The BIPOC group supports the mental health and well-being of BIPOC individuals attending Biola. The Grieving Together support group is available for students who experienced loss of loved ones, relationships and loss of experiences and opportunities. The Creatively Alive support group provides assistance for those who experience anxiety, insecurities and issues with success as a creative individual.  


 According to Michelle Willingham of the BCC, the groups are not able to be held if there are not enough students interested. Newer groups, such as the Male Survivors of Sexual Trauma Group, were unable to meet as not enough students signed up. However, former support groups remain available and new groups are in the making for next year to help foster communities of students willing to help each other heal and grow.

For more information about support groups, the BCC’s phone number is (562) 903-4800. Additional information is available at the Group and Individual Therapy website page, which includes contacts of group leaders.

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