Through conflict we may come to glorify God

Janelle Mejia further explores Gary Freisen’s call to glorify God during times of conflict and hardship.


Gary Friesen during his session in Chase Gym last Torrey Conference (2014). | Marika Adamopoulos/THE CHIMES [file photo]

Janelle Mejia, Writer

Gary Friesen smiles during his session in Chase Gym about why the gospel matters and how it shapes relationships today. | Markia Adamopoulos/THE CHIMES


Can you imagine a world without conflict? What would our world look like without it? As much as speaker Gary Friesen would like to tell us that this could possibly exist, he spoke to us today about our world of inevitable conflict.

As a father of four children, Friesen knows full well what conflict looks like. Conflict presents as great an issue now as it did thousands of years ago. Humankind still faces the same amount of struggles it has faced in the past. Why? Because conflict is inevitable.

Today, Friesen shared the good news that, in the midst of conflict and suffering, we can still find a way to use conflict as a way to glorify God. Though it can be challenging, we can benefit from what we experience during these situations of conflict and find a way to make it about God rather than ourselves. Often, we tend to let struggles cloud our judgement and divert our attention to our desires versus our needs. During these times, it may become difficult to find God.

Sometimes we forget that the one thing we need most is the Lord. Friesen reminds us that God sent his son to die on the cross to reconcile us with him along with each other. All in all, we cannot let ourselves forget that we should always turn to God and the gospel first.

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