Navigating the darker seasons of relationships

Julia Gaeta reflects on Claudia and Matt Huffine’s discussion of what it takes to have a healthy and successful marriage.


Husband and wife speakers ‎Claudia and Matt Huffine share their experiences with conflict as a couple and offer students advice on how to navigate the harder parts of marriage. | Jenny Oetzell/THE CHIMES

Julia Gaeta, Writer

Some may think that being in a relationship as a Christian is effortless, but Claudia and Matt Huffine explained why it still requires hard work on both ends during breakout session c. This couple, who have been married since their Biola graduation, shared a bit about the hardships and struggles of marriage.

During the talk, they were open about very personal aspects of their lives, making it easy for students who are in relationships to connect and relate to them. Claudia and Matt spoke about both the good and bad aspects of their relationship. They showed us that marriages are hard work and just because God is present in a Christian marriage does not mean that it will be perfect.

This session contained valuable insight about what goes in to having a strong relationship as well as a healthy and successful marriage, which made it worth attending. Marriage alone can seem like something so easy when looking at it from an outside perspective, but Matt and Claudia allowed us to see what struggles they face on a daily basis, such as caving in when they should have spoke their minds or not coming to an agreement about a small decision they had to make, which was greatly appreciated by those who attended their session. The ability to get on a stage in front of a room full of students and talk about the hardships within your marriage may not be easy, but proved beneficial when Matt and Claudia did that to better our understanding of what it means to be committed to someone for better or for worse.

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