Know God, know peace

Amanda Otto reflects on the final session of this year’s Torrey Conference.


Annette Friesen speaks at the last main session of Torrey Conference 2014 on how to help others who are seeking to resolve conflict. | Jenny Oetzell/THE CHIMES

Amanda Otto, Writer

Annette Friesen concluded Torrey Conference 2014 with a profound finishing touch on Friday morning. This year’s conference centered on collisions such as disagreements that we face every day in our relationships. Friesen provided the audience with an in-depth look at how we deal with conflict and ways to coach others experiencing conflict. The final session focused on the way conflict gives us an opportunity to glorify God, serve others, and grow to be more like Christ.

Friesen explained that before we can deal with the issues of the other person, we must remove the proverbial logs from our eyes. We must ask God to change our own heart, not the other person. Friesen reminded the audience that God calls us to be peacemakers, this means we must shift the focus away from ourselves. Instead, Friesen encouraged to ask questions such as, “What can I do to help?” Or “How could I have responded differently?”

This closing session opened the audience’s eyes to the important role the gospel takes in resolving conflict. We tend to think that the opposing party needs to change when in reality, Friesen pointed out that God is looking to transform us. We are the ones who need to humble ourselves and ask the Lord to change our hearts in order to reach a resolution that is aligned with the gospel. Our purpose is to connect people to a living, active, redeeming Christ. We can share experience and be in the same spiritual family, but we are never above someone else. Love your enemies. Be kind to them. Pray for them and be reminded of what Jesus did on the cross for you.

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