Entertaining and inspiring stories of conflict

Jenna Kubiak reviews this year’s “Story Slam.”


Professor Weathers shares a story with the crowd about and comedic In-n-Out drive through experience. | Jenny Oetzell/THE CHIMES

Jehn Kubiak, Writer

Students and faculty shared personal stories of times when they faced conflict and what they learned from these experiences during the second annual story slam.

Professor of comparative religion and apologetics Craig Hazen shared a story involving students’ theological questions and chicken wings where he learned to always be prepared to give an answer.

Matthew Weathers, assistant professor of math and science told an embarrassing tale about his experience involving a 20 dollar bill and drive-through window number one at In-N-Out. Weathers aimed to impress the girl at the window with his math skills when his bill flew away. A series of embarrassing events followed when he tried to retrieve his money. He told students about the importance of checking for obstacles in life.

Cinema and media arts professor Camille Tucker shared how her desire to be a screenwriter collided with her desire to become a committed Christian, causing a struggle between her faith and identity.

Lori Shanebeck, executive producer and director of the Biola Youth Theatre, shared a touching story about when she toured Biola with her father. During the trip to Biola, a Talbot student volunteered to change their car’s flat tire. The young man’s kindness inspired her father to meet with the pastor of her church and later became a Christian.

Katrina Greene, associate professor of anthropology and intercultural studies provided insight from her own experience about God’s provision in her life and how he will always remain faithful during the conflicts we face.

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