Going Wherever God Calls Us

Phil Goertzen advises that wherever and whenever God calls us, we must go.

Jessica Cornel, Blogger

Christian English teacher Phil Goertze teaches that our job is to write a chapter or two in our book. Go willingly and embrace it because we would not be there if God’s hand had not acted upon it. Instead of waiting for God to tell us what is right, we should be looking for doors and opportunities that we are interested in. Look for these doors and if he wants you to go through, “you will go through.”

Goertzen’s calling was to travel to North Korea with other English teachers and teach English. He had understood that it was a must for him “until this calling was removed.” He did not do good works from his strengths but from his failures and weakness. We were not made perfect and can only achieve these good works with the Lord by our side.

We are called to spread the gospel among the nations and we sometimes disqualify ourselves from going. We should not let our purity, age or money stop us from fulfilling God’s will. We are ambassadors from Jesus Christ sent to the nations because we have the love of God inside our hearts and inside our souls. He has a heart for the nations and his will is to reach out to them and this will, we must fulfill.

Goertzen uses the example of Philip from the book of Acts who was told to travel south by an angel. He continues to say that though we’re often given similar instructions like this, we often “don’t like a simple direction, we want to know the destination,” and implores us to be comfortable going where God calls us to go without knowing the end purpose.

Though we don’t know where the Lord is taking us and we may not be spiritually prepared, we do know that the journey is worth the place that we will arrive at. Let’s welcome God’s call instead of waiting for Him to tell us what to do. Let God lead your life, be proactive, and see what direction He tells you to go.

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