Rock tomboy style with feminine details

Get ready to shed those winter layers and embrace a sweet style this spring.


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Daryn Daniels, Writer

My, my, my — it’s been a while since we last talked. But here we are again — the same old you and me, but with a whole new season ahead of ourselves to style. Spring has almost sprung. As the sun starts to shine again, I can already see the signs of this glorious season coming back.


Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and my pale skin is slowly but surely being revived by the warm light of day — praise Jesus! A new year has ushered in the opportunity to live the next 365 days more fully than the last.

Spring is a chance to push the style envelope. “New year, new you” applies to your style, so it’s easy to try something new. And since the flora and fauna are flourishing everywhere, you have inspiration to draw from all around you!

In an effort to take my own advice, I tried out a look that was a little bolder than what I am used to — but just as girly!

This spring, the hottest color just so happens to be my favorite color — pink! Seriously guys, I am telling you, keep your eyes open and you will start seeing it everywhere. And it is no coincidence. Petal pinks and rose tones covered the runways at the 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Week in New York. Now they are coming to a store near you —  especially in the form of coats.


In order to incorporate this simple yet sweet style into my look, I chose a muted rose blazer and tossed it over my shoulders to up the femininity in a mostly male-inspired outfit. Here is a quick trick, put your jacket on over your shoulders only. This is handy if you want to 1) want to look at least 12 times cooler than you actually are, 2) are pretending to be Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada,” and/or 3) are wearing a shirt too bulky to put under something, but you still want another layer. I guarantee you it will feel awkward at first, and you will probably drop said jacket at least one time from a shoulder slide. But keep your head up, put your shoulders back and you will be ruling the world from a Swarovski-covered throne in no time.

Anyways, I digress. Moving on to the rest of the outfit I decided to go for a very urban tomboy feel by pairing an oversized, cuffed sleeve sweatshirt tee with boyfriend skinnies, a beanie and grey, suede SkyHi Nike Dunks. In all honesty, this look is a bit more boyfriend-y than I have ever gone, but I love it!

To make myself more comfortable in this look, I added some girly touches that resemble my typical style. With a few big rings, pink nail polish and pearly rose lips, I felt like I was being true to my style while simultaneously stretching it. And, if you really think about it, what is style if that isn’t it?

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