Thank God. student brand sparks gratitude

Thank God. inspires a posture of gratitude across campus through the widespread presence of their clothing apparel.


Courtesy of Thank God.

Sophomore liberal studies multidisciplinary major Clariss Ajanel reps her Thank God. sweatshirt.

Fashion Castillo-Delgadillo, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Founded by junior business marketing major Grant Lawrence and Biola alumnus Sterling Reed, Thank God. has progressively developed a presence on campus with their apparel stating “Thank God” in simple but impactful designs. Lawrence and Reed hope that their brand is able to amplify gratitude across various communities and bring people together by appreciating the little things in life. 


In August 2020, Lawrence and Reed, set into motion their idea for Thank God. — a company that utilizes straightforward designs to encourage others to share the gospel. With merchandise stands outside of the cafeteria in the 2021 fall semester, Lawrence and Reed put their business marketing class knowledge into action to give out free merchandise to Biola students across campus. By creating fun and engaging activities for students to partake in at the start of the school year and during the Christmas season, Thank God. planted their seed and developed a presence on campus. 

“I’m a marketing major,” Lawrence said. “So I’m learning about how to market and then I just apply that directly to my brand which is really cool. Instead of learning about marketing, and then [saying], ‘I’ll put that in my back pocket to use later,’ [I] apply that to my business right now.” 

The inception of the brand took inspiration from Matthew 28:9-10 with hopes to initiate conversations surrounding the gospel and inspire a posture of gratitude in those wearing and viewing the apparel. While Thank God. planted their presence on campus, they also hope to plant seeds in strangers’ hearts and allow for easier opportunities to share the gospel among believers. There are two main reasons the duo used clothing to share their message: to spread the gospel to passersby and to be helpful for the person wearing it by inspiring a sense of gratitude. 

“I believe grateful people are happy people … I think if you find things to be grateful for naturally, you’ll be a happier person … By encouraging people to aim their gratitude towards God and just find things to be grateful for — the goal is [Thank God.] would also encourage the person themselves to be happier,” said Lawrence. “I believe we serve a God who deserves our gratitude. The fact that we wake up every morning is something to be grateful for.”


While Thank God. currently works out of Reed’s home in southern California, Lawrence expressed interest in finding ways to grow the brand with more customizable clothing and messages such as, “Thank God for coffee” and “Thank God for fitness.” Thank God. currently promotes the “Thank God they are saved” initiative to donate a portion of their proceeds to the Operation Underground Railroad Rescue. OUR Rescue primarily works to prevent sex trafficking and help victims across the globe. 

As the brand continues to grow, Lawrence reflects on his own thankfulness to see people wearing their merchandise across campus and in classes. Lawrence said, “It’s such a blessing whenever I see someone wearing it, like my heart lights up … [and it] brings me so much joy.”

“I hope that people are able to just see the message of Thank God. and hopefully it transforms their hearts to just be a more grateful person … We want to be a company that’s designed to remind, remind people to just have gratitude to God,” said Lawrence.

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