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Have you been following our coverage? Brush up on the biggest news stories of the past two weeks.

Julianna Foster, Staff Writer

Chimes News Quiz!

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1. A student accidentally triggered a sprinkler in their room at Blackstone Hall. How many floors were affected?

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2. The restoration to Biola Library’s budget has been complicated since it was first cut during the pandemic. What are the updated hours at the library?


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3. The House passed a one trillion dollar infrastructure measure to accomplish what?


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4. What is the tentative name for the upcoming Christmas event on Metzger Lawn?

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5. Biola celebrated FirstGen students from Nov. 8 to Nov. 12. What percent of students on campus are considered FirstGen?

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6. On Nov. 1 bulldozers cleared a homeless encampment from the area surrounding the Veterans Affairs campus in L.A. after the 40 veterans living there were relocated. How many homeless veterans in L.A. does the Department of Veteran Affairs plan to rehouse by December?


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7. “Dear 2020: A Process” was a hit on the Biola stage. What was one of the topics covered in the theatre performance?

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