Politics Rundown: Homeless cleared, Biden considers reparations and the US economy

L.A. officials address housing for veterans, while the Biden administration moves toward economic decisions.

Caleb Jonker, News Editor

On Nov. 1, bulldozers arrived to clear a homeless encampment from the area surrounding the Veterans Affairs campus in Los Angeles County. Officials took action following several months of outreach to roughly 40 veterans living outside the Veterans Affairs campus, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The veterans will be moved into a temporary tent village inside the Veterans Affairs campus. The Department of Veteran Affairs plans to move the veterans living outside the Veterans Affair campus on site, the L.A. Times reported. After providing temporary housing, the department plans to house 500 more L.A. area veterans by the end of December.


Between June 2018 and January 2020 The Department of Homeland Security separated over 3,000 children from their parents at the border, according to NBC News. Now estimated to be more than 5,500 separations, their families are seeking compensation, according to The Washington Post.

Though the exact amount of compensation for separated families is still unknown, The Washington Post reported that the considered amount is near $450,000. Among those leading the lawsuit against the DHS is the American Civil Liberties Union.


On Oct. 28, the White House released a statement outlining the goals of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better plan. 

The press release explained the four main goals of the plan. First: creating wider access to childcare and affordable quality home care. Second: fighting climate change by cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. Third: expanding affordable healthcare coverage. Fourth: strengthening the middle class.

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