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Have you been following our coverage? Brush up on the biggest news stories of the past two weeks.

Julianne Foster, Staff Writer

Chimes News Quiz!

1. California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 367 into action to require government funded public schools to provide feminine hygiene products to students. Who is included in this bill?

2. Fall student concerts are coming up for the Conservatory of Music and Theatre 21. What is the name of the fall play on Nov. 19 in Theatre 21? 

3. SGA Senators have been working hard to continue Biola holiday traditions such as the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. What projected budget did Hart Hall residents propose to fund this year's “Deck the Haven” event?


4. What incentives is Biola offering to students who apply early to Biola?


5. What is the current win streak of the Biola volleyball team?


6. Under the new Sponsor Circle Plan, the State Department certifies groups of at least five adults wanting to sponsor Afghan refugees. How much are they raising for each refugee? 


7. A well-known New York Times reporter visited campus chapels and classes to talk to students about journalism and share a personal testimony. What was the name of this journalist?

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