SGA Rundown: Proposal for mailbox passes

After finishing their discussion on SGA mailboxes, senators consider past and future events.

Rebecca Mitchell, Freelance Writer

In returning to the discussion on Student Government Association mailboxes, senators passed the proposal in full after a discussion that took 30-40 minutes. The senate also debriefed various topics, such as the recent Gospel and social justice Duologue and the possibility of hosting an “adulting” series.


Senators continued the debate the mailboxes based on their constituents’ responses of not needing it for their dorm. However, diversity coordinator Jasmine Teeny also pointed to the importance of shy or busy individuals having a space to share their concerns or questions. Hart senator Noah Love expressed his desire to trust and honor vice president of community relation Katie Hendrick’s work as well as his constituents’ interest in the mailboxes. Blackstone senator Tobias Joseph believed students will be more inclined to reach out with the mailbox option.

After sharing opinions and ideas, including funding the proposal in partial to limit the number of boxes, senators voted to pass the proposal in full with a vote of 9-1-1.


To debrief SGA Hour, senators shared their constituents’ ideas on where Information Technology should improve the Wifi. The areas included parking garages, the fitness center, the lower level of Talbot East, the Grove, the basement of Rosemead and the second floor of the business building.

Hendricks lead a conversation on the recent Duologue, where senators expressed students’ desire for chapel credit in the night session as well as clarification that the two ideas presented are not in direct opposition to one another. Senators also brainstormed ideas for future topics, such as Alpha senator Corinna Magness’ on science and religion with the specific idea of the “New Earth” and “Old Earth” theories. Bluff senator Lauren Sutter shared a list from last year’s senate, and senators then commented on ideas they found relevant and interesting.

SGA president Sierra McCoy re-presented the idea of an “adulting” series. The senate abounded with ideas, with topics ranging from wellness to health insurance to financial pressures. Several senators encouraged the events to be over different days and times in order for more students to have the option of attending. Love also suggested the idea of a philosophical grounding in why it is good to grow up, as based on the ideas of Peter David Gross and his company Wheatstone Ministries. Off-campus senator Naomi Hidalgo also discussed the need for knowing how to communicate with individuals in certain industries, such as car repair establishments.  


Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development affinity group interns briefly stopped by the senate. They spent time sharing the services SEID offers, including Gospel Choir, Leaders Engaging and Advancing Diversity scholars, Biola Shares, the Lending Library and the Mosaic Cultural Center. Each noted who their affinity group specifically reaches and the vision of each student to be seen, heard and known. Lastly, SEID will host a game night on Nov. 29 and a Friendsgiving with details to come.

The meeting closed with executive board updates, including Hendricks’ excitement for a food drive during the annual Christmas Tree lighting. Kim also highlighted a screening of the movie “Searching” on Nov. 5 as well as an Image of God chapel focused on veterans on Nov. 9. As a way of showing care for veterans on campus, McCoy shared students will receive stickers saying “I have the freedom to learn. #biolathanksveterans” after chapel.  

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