God’s supporting hand will carry believers

Prashan De Visser speaks again at the last session of Missions Conference encouraging believers to trust and depend on God.


Maxwell Heilman, Writer

Prashan De Visser retook the stage Friday morning. Stating it is “nice to say something nice,” De Visser shared the use he sees in praying for your future spouse before addressing the morning’s topic.

Recounting the times his ministry overcame difficulty and found success, De Visser tackled the issue of spiritual complacency.

The Importance of Seeking God

“We are jars of clay that leak,” De Visser said.

A lack of active spiritual nourishment can lead to losing vital conviction to pursue the calling of the Lord. Using Exodus 33 as an example, De Visser stressed the importance of continuously seeking the counsel of God.

Moses understood the people of Israel had nothing without the favor of the lord, De Visser said. Their place in the world was defined by the favor God directed towards them. This favor came from how actively the nation tried to know God.

Our Need for Dependence

“We need God’s presence to be with us at all times… Do you think you can go without it? We desperately need it,” said De Visser, shedding light on our complete dependence on God’s power to do anything of worth in God’s name.

“It is your right to go into his presence and long for him,” said De Visser.

The Lord did not give us the call to missions for us to go it alone. He wants us to depend on him and desperately seek out his counsel.

The world is not always spiritually friendly place. The world is a constantly changing landscape of ideologies and creeds. We cannot afford to be complacent in this environment if we are to make a difference in this place.

Open Oneself to the Lord

Referencing Psalms 139, De Visser called for allowing Christ to search our whole being and lead us away from our transgressions. Refusing to open oneself to that degree will have unseen corruption and lead to a hypocritical lifestyle that will ultimately be “repulsive” to those who look to Christianity for spiritual renewal. Having the courage to admit your faults will point people away from the brokenness of humanity and towards the holiness of Christ.

De Visser calls out “Christian consumerism,” pleading his audience to do away with the frivolous search for a spiritual high, and instead seek the surpassing power of a personal relationship with Jesus through everyday choices to abide in him.

Acting out of Abiding

De Visser told of a time when he went out of his way to include an Orthodox Jew in a traditional Sri Lankan meal by taking care to ensure every that the meal was entirely kosher. The man had never had someone go to such lengths to make him comfortable. He was so strongly impacted by what De Visser considered a logical act of hospitality, he decided to devote his life to religious reconciliation. He also went so far as to share this story with media outlets and his supervisors. The tale of De Visser's kindness was spread all over Capitol Hill and became a source of encouragement for many. Going the extra mile for every ministry opportunity is what truly furthers the kingdom.

He ended with an encouragement that God’s supporting hand will carry true believers through all their life’s ups and downs, allowing them to shine for all to see and respond to.

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