How can we not share the gospel?

Mark Cahill illustrates the role of a Christian watchman.


Speaker Mark Cahill asks the audience how can we not share the good news when we have a message about a savior who rescues souls. | Anna Warner/THE CHIMES

Aubrey Martin, Writer

Every second, two people die. Where did they go? Do you know? Do you care? Mark Cahill kicked off Missions Conference by challenging students to answer the call of evangelism head on. The question is not how can we share the Gospel with everyone, but instead how can we not share the good news when we have a message about a savior who rescues souls?

Cahill used the metaphor of a watchman to illustrate the role of a Christian in a world that has not heard the name of Jesus. In the Bible, watchmen would stand along the city walls through all hours of the night, ready to blow their horns at any sign of danger. The role of the watchman came with great responsibility because one wrong move could cost the people of the city their lives.

What qualities make a good watchman? After asking students for suggestions, Cahill compiled a list of three characteristics every good watchman should have: loyalty, diligence, and love. Cahill responded in surprise when the last student mentioned love. He said love is often forgotten, but is actually the most important quality to anchor the watchman to his post. The watchman must love the people of his city so much so he is willing to wake up at 3 a.m. to blow a warning horn.

God did not create even the worst people to die and go to hell. We are all wicked people who have been saved by the grace of God, so if we are Christians we should care enough to blow the trumpet. The trumpet Cahill referred to is the Gospel. He reminded the students that sharing the Christian faith is not a presentation, but a conversation. Jesus was a supreme conversationalist; he knew how to ask good questions. Cahill outlined a few examples such as:

“What do you mean when you say you are a good person? I’m not familiar with what Agnostic means. Can you explain that? What do you mean when you say you go to church? What are you reading?”

Much of Cahill’s evangelism happens while traveling. He reiterated the role of a Christian watchman blowing the trumpet in order to point people toward truth, and a great way to do that is through asking questions. Conversations go both ways, so it is a good idea to be prepared to share why you believe what you believe even if it differs from common opinion.

“Question people got questions and we got answers, but the question and answer people need to meet at some point,” said Cahill.

Mark finished by saying that “to be leader you gotta be a reader” and handed out 2,000 copies of “The Watchman” and “The Only Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven,” two impactful books he has written about the process and importance of evangelism.

The question is no longer, “How do I share the Gospel with the world?” but is now, “How can I not share it?”

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