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Expand your food blog knowledge by exploring some of Anna’s top blogs to browse when she looks for a tasty treat.


Anna Frost, Writer

Though I like to think that I can cover everything you will ever need to cook or bake here in “Don’t Forget to Frosting,” school and work prevent me from spending every waking moment in the kitchen. So I thought that I might share some of my personal favorite blogs, since these other people make delicious food you should whip up in your spare time. If you get around to trying a dish from one of these blogs, shout out to me on Twitter and let me know how you liked it.

The beautiful photography aside, this blog holds a special place in my foodie heart with its versatile collection of unique sweets and interesting flavor profiles. The baker/writer, Naomi, makes even a simple cookie special with familiar ingredients that she often uses to create intriguing tastes. She also opens people’s culinary worlds to trifles, eclairs and mousses, along with her delicious bars and cakes. The savory section is no less disappointing with recipes like Korean-style short ribs, an epic breakfast sandwich and prosciutto-stuffed chicken. I have never seen a dull-looking recipe on this blog and never expect to.

I love “Love and Olive Oil” for similar reasons that I adore “Bakers Royale” — bold and exciting flavors reign here. Most recently, their coconut tapioca pudding with blood orange, along with the orange marmalade tiramisu, captured my heart and taste buds. This may be mostly because of my love for tapioca, tiramisu and all things orange, but also for the blog’s creativity in experimenting with different versions of classic desserts. The writers, a couple named Lindsay and Taylor, also have a variety of savory recipes separated into the type of course, including appetizers involving goat cheese and brie. Basically, there is no reason you should not be browsing this site and hungrily drooling.

The food featured by Joy the Baker tastes like the blog looks — clean, simple, classic and craving-inducing. Joy Wilson, the author of the blog and related cookbooks, makes food that spans from “normal” baked goods to vegan and gluten-free options for the dietarily concerned. Breakfast means lemon poppy seed pancakes, cakes veer off into the unusual with a fresh fig and almond breakfast cake and there are entire sections for chocolate and fruit. Basically, if heaven was a food blog, this one would be it.

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