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Logan Zeppieri
Logan Zeppieri is a second-year philosophy student at Talbot School of Theology. His current research interests include mathematics, social policy and children’s fairy tales.

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Logan Zeppieri graduated from California State University, Sacramento in the spring of 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy of Science.

During his undergraduate studies, he co-founded the university’s Ratio Christi Chapter and spent two terms at the University of Oxford, studying philosophy of mathematics and comparative worldviews. After undergraduate studies, he was offered a fellowship at the John Jay Institute, an institute for emerging public leaders. Outside of university, Logan actively participated in youth ministries at church and summer camp for elementary, middle, and high school students. These experiences cultivated his deep desire to serve the church through academic mentoring.

Logan’s academic interests are philosophy, theology, literature, mathematics, political theory, and business.  These interests produced several opportunities such as presenting his paper Economics and Social Justice at UC Davis, a paper exploring the relationships between abstract philosophy, economics, and social justice, and developing his undergraduate thesis God, Concept, and Number, which explored an argument for God’s existence through the transcendence of number.

In the future, Logan hopes to apply his experiences to continue impacting the university culture for Christ, mentoring elementary to university students through the classical Christian worldview, and providing political analysis for conservative policies.

Logan Zeppieri, Opinions Editor

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