Dr. Seuss captures the midterm election results

The midterm election, though capturing colossal hype, gave average results.

Logan Zeppieri, Opinions Editor

“While everyone cheered and their cheers filled the sky: ‘Fight! Fight for the Butter side UP! Do or die! Well . . . We didn’t do. And we didn’t quite die.”

Dr. Seuss“The Butter Battle Book” captures the deflating tone in the wake of an overhyped colossal clash between the blue wave and the red resistance.


Going into the election, many were hoping that millennials would show up in force. But, according to Forbes, despite record breaking participation at almost 50 percent voter turnout and almost 200 percent increase in millennial turnout, millennials remained the smallest contributing in total numbers.

The national election was about as normal as expected—the Democrats took control of the House by a few seats, while the Republican control of the Senate was expanded by a few seats.

The state election was also about as normal as it could have been, except that California slid a bit more democratic. According to Associated Press, the day after the election, Sen. Dianne Feinstein will remain senator over Kevin De Leon. Gavin Newsom will become the next governor, claiming victory over John Cox and taking over the democratic seat from Governor Jerry Brown. Democrats gained two seats in the Senate, five seats in the assembly, and claimed Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State.


The election hype has been largely funded by the Democratic Party for the sake of two major objectives—to reign in President Donald Trump, and to have a counter for former President Barack Obama’s 2010 midterm election.

It is almost unnecessary to provide all the reasons the Democratic Party has sought to reign in President Trump. From President Trump’s claim to undo former President Obama’s legacy in one week to the border wall; from the Muslim travel ban to trade wars with China; from withdrawing the United States from the Paris Accord to unabashedly condemning countries in the United Nations and around Europe—President Trump seems about the most antithetical candidate to the Democratic Party platform.

However, many have forgotten former President Obama’s first midterm election. In the aftershock of passing the Affordable Care Act on March 23 through highly questionable legislative maneuvering, the Democratic Party went into the midterms hoping for the best. Unfortunately for the party, the 2010 midterm elections resulted in the Democratic Party losing sixty-three seats in the House and six in the Senate.

In contrast, it was all quiet on Republican front this midterm season. The losses were nothing more than expected, given President Trump’s current approval ratings. According to current data from the Associated Press, the Republican Party lost thirty-five seats in the House, losing control of the House, and gained three seats in the Senate.


Looking to the future, California politics will continue to run as usual—a thoroughly controlled Democrat state.

However, at the national level, a few interesting turns have already taken place. President Trump supported the possible selection of Nancy Pelosi to Speaker of the House. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell in her office, breaking a few ribs. Despite public condolences, many jumped on the possible implications in the Supreme Court, offering to donate ribs and organs while she recovers in the hospital. And Jim Acosta, CNN’s chief white house correspondent, was banned from the white house after an exchange between him and President Trump.

Will the next two years be a move towards cooperation, a slightly charming defense of beloved political figures or an opportunity to further dig our heels and divide our country? Will we learn the lesson of Chief Yookeroo, “You’re not to blame. And those Zooks will be sorry they started this game,” or the lesson from the younger grandfather Yook, “Grandpa! I shouted. “Be careful! Oh, gee! Who’s going to drop it? Will you . . . ? Or will he . . . ?”

In any case, we can agree, “‘Be patient,’ said Grandpa. ‘We’ll see. We will see.’”

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