Power outages leave Biola in the dark

Off-campus apartments lost power due to rolling blackouts.

Hannah Larson, Editor-in-Chief

Biola’s power flickered around 4-5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 9. Chief of Campus Safety John Ojeisekhoba reported the flicker was due to strong winds caused by Hurricane Kay in Baja, California. Ojeisekhoba said that a transformer in La Mirada also blew out as a result of the wind, which caused the power to go off briefly and come back on around 8 p.m. Friday.


Ojeisekhoba said there was also a planned power outage on Thursday Sept. 8 that affected sections of nearby off-campus apartments. Ojeisekhoba explained that an overburdened power grid belonging to energy company Southern California Edison caused rolling blackouts through La Mirada.

In crisis situations, Biola’s emergency response team coordinates with Campus Safety, Facilities Management and Residence Life to communicate with Biola students and employees.

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