Just read your Bible

Studying the Bible is not the only way to spend time in it.

Kei-Lynn Wheaton, Staff Writer

Various forms of Bible study were popularized in the YouTube community. Personal Bible study can range from reading and meditation, journaling or in-depth analysis that considers historical and cultural context. Christians constantly experiment, creating new techniques, tools and arts to study with. 

Conducting a Bible study is more than just reading the Bible—it incorporates word studies, background work and historical study. There is so much involved in the process that it may seem like the best way to learn and grow in the Word. However, spending quiet time reading the Bible is just as important as doing an in-depth study. 


Studying the Bible is all about the details. For instance, reading Genesis 1:1 goes much deeper than simple reading—it becomes deconstruction. Those who are studying can look at the original Hebrew and consider multiple translations. They can also read the cultural background and the historical background of the time Genesis was written. Doing this covers less material and is a much more engaging process of studying Scripture.  

Bible study is also beneficial in a group of fellow believers. Bible Study Tools wrote an article about why small group study matters. It explains that the early believers often studied together and offered support, reassurance and challenging questions. Group study keeps everyone on track, which can be a difficult task in solitary studies.


Taking time to read the Bible is simple but important. I like to start my morning by reading the Bible, quietly contemplating the Word and allowing God to speak to me. During this time, I am not surrounded by my iPad, laptop and various other study materials—it is just me, my Bible and a hot cup of coffee. 

Bible study is about understanding Scripture while Bible reading familiarizes Chrsitians with the Bible. You want to know the story, the people and the places. It also offers time for reflection. Thinking about how this passage affects the life of the reader greatly helps understanding. Reading the Bible is not meant to be complicated—it is meant to help the reader spend time with God. 


Bible study and Bible reading are both important. They serve different purposes and Christians regularly engage in both activities. Like with everything in life, there should be balance. Take some quiet time out of your day and just spend some time with God.


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