The Caf is changing for the better

The cafeteria is working to improve the dining experience after students raise concerns.

Alexis Marion, Freelance Writer

Bon Appetit is Biola’s main provider for cafeteria food on campus. On January 27th and 28th, the Caf recently held food forums to hear students’ concerns and thoughts about what can be improved—in pursuit of bettering their menu items and quality of food. This is a personal issue for students living in residence halls, since they are required to purchase a meal plan. These forums were held by the General Manager Steve Rall of Bon Appetit, Executive Chef Zachary Chambers and Assistant General Manager Heather Rawl.

Caf workers shared their thoughts about changes to the Caf environment and food, following the forum. As a current student at Biola, I have noticed the effort of those who operate the Caf to meet students’ needs.


While many Biolans have their own opinions on the Caf, student workers bring a unique perspective. Liz Kim, a freshman political science major, has worked at the Caf since mid-January of the spring semester. Originally from Shanghai, China, Kim shared that she “wanted to work at the Caf…to attain many skills of communicating well, following directions and maintaining responsibilities” to support her future hopes of working in government.

At the forums the Bon Appetit staff explained that they use quality ingredients and go through many preparation processes behind the scenes to serve high quality food to students. 

“I think the Caf managers, chefs and Bon Appetit employees work very hard in serving the community’s best interests. The chef is constantly looking at recommendations and ratings,” Kim said. 

The staff also encourages students to post suggestions on the comment cards at the Caf exit.

Freshman psychology major Mikayla Lee started working at the Caf the first day of the fall semester. Lee’s mom recommended the job to her after having a positive experience working in the Caf when she attended Biola. Lee took her advice and enjoys the Caf work environment, as well as the variety in food selection. 

“The supervisors and people in charge…I’ve met the kindest people that work with me,” Lee said. “I’m constantly walking through the Caf and thinking…‘I’ve never heard of that before’…which I think is a good sign of variety.” 


The Caf has provided a wider range of food options for students this semester. As a somewhat picky eater, I search for the simpler items and meals at the Caf. After attending one of the forums offered by the Caf staff, I was impressed by their dedication and attention to students’ requests and needs. They were eager to listen and improve anything they have control of regarding the food options and experience. 

The Caf is listening to student concerns and improving the experience for the Biola community. They are beginning to offer a wider variety of options and even a new area next to Home Cookin’ that offers foods like vegetables and hummus every day. Bon Appetit seems to truly care about the quality of their food and experience for the student body.


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