Chapel continues in person

As COVID-19 cases rise on campus, students in quarantine do not have access to remote chapels.

Caleb Jonker, News Editor

On Sept. 20, Biola updated its COVID-19 guidelines, taking effect next week. While many classes prepare to go hybrid or online for three weeks, chapels remain in person.


Dean of Spiritual Development Todd Pickett said he believes in the importance of continuing in-person attendance for chapels to re-establish normalcy at Biola. 

Students benefit from being together in prayer, Pickett said. He leads students in guided prayer at the “Fives” chapel, utilizing this time and space to direct students toward God’s presence through prayer.

 Due to its popularity, “Fives” was moved from Calvary Chapel to Sutherland Auditorium, according to Pickett.


Chapel Accountability is not offering accommodations for students in quarantine hoping to make up lost chapel opportunities. Pickett explained that there are still 87 opportunities to receive chapel credit, more than enough for students to get the required amount.

We’re not trying to deliver chapels to students in quarantine,” Pickett said. “They have enough to deal with.”

Pickett said that starting this week, Spiritual Development plans to conduct daily phone check-ins for quarantining students. 


During chapel on Wednesday, assistant dean of Spiritual Development Mike Ahn explained the possibility of moving chapels outside. According to an email from Pickett, chapel options and times will remain the same. The Spiritual Development team is developing these chapels with noise ordinances and COVID-19 protocols in mind, Pickett explained.


“We learned that students like quality production, and we got several comments that [students] felt the online chapels were high quality,” Pickett said.

Pickett explained that the online platform increased the regularity and volume of student feedback. This direct online feedback helped them dial in their chapels, he said.

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