In the busyness of the semester, make time to rest

Here are five ways to set aside time for a sabbath rest.

Hannah Dilanchyan, Opinions Editor

The semester is off to a running start and students are back in action. Classes are in full swing and homework loads are beginning to grow. Because the busyness of the semester can quickly overwhelm students, it is vital to find rest and relaxation in the midst of it all. 

After an exhausting year of remote learning, college students adjust to hybrid or in-person learning. This can cause an abundance of stress. As of fall 2020, 89% of college students reported anxiety from COVID-19. It is time to prioritize rest. Here are five ways to implement rest as the semester begins in order to avoid burnout this fall. 


Naps are my personal favorite method of rest. Whether taking a nap on the sand at the beach, on my sofa or in my car in between classes, naps provide a quick break from the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that “our brains benefit from a brief period of actual sleep… to recover from fatigue and to help restore alertness.” After a nap, we feel more engaged in work and studies, proving for overall better mood and higher productivity. 


There is nothing like finding rest in God’s creation. Some people prefer a walk around the neighborhood, a quick drive up to Mt. Baldy for fresh air or a day at the beach. Whatever you prefer, take some time each day to explore little parts of the world around you. When we go outside, we are surrounded by God’s handiwork. Psalm 104:24-25 says “how many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. There is the sea, vast and spacious, teaming with creatures beyond number.” 


Introverts and extroverts alike can benefit from peaceful time spent with friends. Whether it is a movie night in the living room or a night out on the town, call your friends and plan time away from the hustle of life to sit and chat. 

Time explains that a “robust social life…can help lower stress levels; improve mood; boost cardiovascular health; improve illness recovery rates; and aid virtually everything in between.” 

Social isolation can lead to mental health conditions and increased illness, Time reported. So, call your friends and set up some time to hangout. 


When my schedule is overwhelming, I find myself cutting my devotion time with the Lord. In actuality, it should be the most prioritized part of my day. Relevant Magazine highlights a few ways to keep quiet time interesting and engaging. Pray aloud, worship through art, listen to the Bible and go somewhere new—these tips can help you focus on the Lord, whether in solitude or in public at a coffee shop.


One of the best ways to find rest is to participate in a fun hobby. Get a group together for a basketball scrimmage, pick up a camera and head to the park or dig out your ukulele and learn a new song. God gifted us with unique desires and skills that we can practice in our downtime. It is a beneficial way to take a pause from the busy world around us and explore our interests. 

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