SGA Rundown: Senators discuss goals for the fall semester

In the first senate meeting of the semester, SGA outlines plans for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Amanda Frese, Managing Editor

During the Student Government Association’s first meeting of the year, senators discussed the annual budget, responsibilities and potential student activities. With no senators representing Alpha and Stewart, SGA has empty seats in the senate room to begin the semester. 


Looking to fill empty senate positions, SGA plans to continue searching for students interested in representing Alpha and Stewart. Additionally, senators will continue to hold SGA-hour following Singspiration as an opportunity to connect to their constituents. This year, SGA-hour will be limited to 30 minutes. 

While senators will continue to post newsletters, SGA also plans to utilize their Instagram account to engage with the student body. Incorporating a social media component called “Behind the Gabble,” senators plan to have Instagram-takeover days for each member of senate. 


This year, SGA will incorporate task forces to complete independent projects without specific deadlines. Senators discussed creating a task force focused on expanding open hours in Biola’s dorms. Additionally, SGA expressed the need to organize events throughout the year that give students an escape from their studies, which will also be organized by a task force. 


SGA Diversity Coordinator Clarissa Aubin also discussed expanding opportunities for inclusion and establishing monthly diversity training. Aubin explained the importance of making minorities feel included on campus.


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