Phase 3 repopulation still in place after outbreak

Biola announces in-person chapel attendance is required for living on campus.

Natalie Willis, News Editor

On Jan. 29, President Barry Corey addressed the Phase 3 repopulation strategy in an email following the announcement of a COVID-19 outbreak on campus. Students in this phase are expected to return in March.  


According to the email, government restrictions currently prevent in-person classes outside of Phase 1 and 2 classes that fall under the essential workforce categories. 

“In my opinion, the email still seems very vague,” said sophomore English major Alyson Brodmann. “In classes, my teachers are telling me that we will likely not be coming back but, in the email, they are sure we are coming back in March even though there is an outbreak.”  

The campus remains closed to visitors and a majority of student services will continue to be provided remotely. While students will not be granted to meet socially, they can meet and walk through the cafeteria together, according to Assistant Director of Parent Relations and COVID-19 call line staffer Stephanie Ramirez.


If students wish to return to campus, Phase 3 students may live in single-occupancy housing under strict face mask policies, mandatory testing, social distancing and other health and safety protocols. In-person instruction applies only to previously permitted classes in Phases 1 and 2.

In order to apply for housing, Phase 3 students must be committed to attending one in-person chapel each week and have no other housing alternative within 25 miles of campus. The housing application deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 10. Students will be given move-in instructions one or two weeks after their submission. 

“Over the course of a few days, spread apart, they’ll have opportunities for students to move in, get tested, and all of that,” Ramirez said.

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