Dear Professor Simon: “Reaching for hearts”

Taylor Haidle

My time at Biola was brief. Two semesters was all I was able to internalize of the university before I transferred. I look back at my time and consider that year one of the best and worst personal times of my life. I will never forget how Will drew close to me during the ‘worst’ times. He pulled me aside and affirmed my pain with a reference to Proverbs 20:5. “You are deep waters, Taylor.” At the time, I didn’t know what he meant. It hasn’t been until recent years that the deep waters of my heart have been drawn out by safe people. Will knew my discouragement and saw it before I could. I still think about his encouraging words today.

Your impact will continue in the university, Will. You will be missed. God bless you.

Taylor Haidle, Biola public relations student, 2011

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