Dear Professor Simon: “More Than Just a Professor”

Josh Marsh

My first interaction with Professor Simon was when I was considering switching into the PR major. I can still see his face, which was so happy and joyful toward someone he had never met, but that is what defined him. He was a professor, yes, but he was also a mentor and a friend. It is a special and unique experience to bond with a professor like you would with any other person you interact with. Professor Simon had a laugh that would relieve any tension, a smile that would say everything was okay and an energetic spirit that would make the simplest class exciting,
There is a lot that could be said about Simon, but the one that I will always remember is his encouragement. Somehow, he always knew what to do to help you. No matter if it was a paper or a something you were trying to figure out in life, he would do exactly what you needed. The amount of times I sat in his office and just talked life is beyond count. His office was a safe space, a familiar space where you would sit down and feel like you were in the home of a good friend, not the office of a professor.

Professor Simon, the joy you brought to classes and life will truly never be matched. I truly believe, though, that your kind, gentle, loving and energetic spirit was passed on to so many of us, whether we realize it right now or not. We will always take a piece of you with us no matter where we go or what we do. There is no way any of us could forget the professor who would sing at 7:30 am and bring so much life and light to every day. May God bless us like he has blessed you and maybe someday we will be able to be half of the light to God’s kingdom that you were.

We love you, Simon.

Josh Marsh, Public relations student and friend

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