Senate considers past and new proposals

Senators revisit a tabled proposal from last week in addition to three new proposals.

Isabelle Thompson, News Editor

This week, senators focused their attention on a proposal for adding coordinator and controller positions to the Student Government Association staff, providing students with academic planners as well as boosting athletic spirit. SGA president Sierra McCoy also laid out further plans for the SGA remodel.


At the beginning of the meeting, McCoy presented a recap of the work that has been done with the remodel and presented future plans so that senators might provide their feedback for the future. The plan consisted of four distinct phases: Partners, SGA Team, Communication and Resources. According to McCoy, these phases are intended to grow SGA systems and functionality, empower and grow student leadership, cultivate body awareness and lead to a new team dynamic. In her presentation, McCoy emphasized the need of continually putting students first.


Sigma Hall senator Seth Gladysz and Hart Hall senator Noah Love brought forth two proposals regarding the creation of three new coordinator and controller positions in addition to a videographer position, requesting a same-day vote.

The first proposal entailed the creation of community coordinator, financial controller and media relations coordinator positions. To create these positions, Gladysz and Love suggested a constitutional change. The purpose of the positions are intended to assist executive positions.

Block senator Gabe Plendcio called for a three-fourths vote to take place to allow for a same-day vote, which was unanimously passed.

In discussion of the new positions, Plendcio felt that the they were a beneficial addition and signified further progress in the right direction for SGA. Vice president of finance, tech and human resources Nathan Carmack stated that financial provision for the positions would pull from different areas of the budget, such as senators’ discretionary reserves. After a time of open discussion, Stewart Hall senator Kylie Dillion motioned to pass the proposal for the three positions and was seconded by Hope Hall senator Gabby Morris. The proposal was passed in the second unanimous vote of the day.

Next senators considered the proposed videographer position. Off Campus Community senator Jordan Wright brought forward some concerns regarding a same-day vote as he found the wording of the position to be to vague and suggested that it be revisited by Gladysz and Love. Wright felt that the wording implied a fixed SGA position. However, the videographer would not be required to attend senate meetings and would be paid as needed.

Senior vice president Katherine Davis decided to push the proposal to be discussed on a later date.


Next, senators brought up the tabled proposal from last week regarding the provision of academic planners at the start of the coming school year. After a period of discussion, senators felt inclined to pass the proposal in a partial amount of $1,500 for around 500 planners. Senators expressed reservations about the number of students who would actually use the planners for the entire year.

OCC senator Naomi Hidalgo motioned to pass the partial plan and was seconded by Blackstone Hall senator Tobias Joseph. The motion was unanimously passed 11-0.


In the last proposal of the day, Plendcio came forward with a pitch in coordination with assistant athletic director for communications and game management Neil Morgan for increased support of athletic teams―specifically baseball, softball and tennis. The proposal outlined three different allocation of funds totaling $1,410. First, the proposal requested buying 200 mini―bats for fans to receive at an upcoming baseball game. The funds would also go toward sunglasses to be provided for the softball games. Lastly, Plendcio requested money to fund a picnic at one of the upcoming tennis matches. He argued that not only would the athletic gifts provide support for the teams, they would also provide good branding for SGA as they would be announced as an official sponsor and the SGA logo would appear on the take-home gifts.

Plendcio also brought up provision of shuttles and food for a Track and Field event against Azusa Pacific University for future consideration.

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