Lim Center dedicated before God, students and faculty

Many gathered to celebrate the dedication of the new science building.


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Lim and DBC cut ribbon

Julianna Hernandez, Staff Writer

It all started with a vision to bring a state-of-the art science building to Biola. On Friday morning, that dream became a further reality.


As the sun beamed down on the audience, they witnessed the hard work of fundraising, donations and prayer coming to fruition. The Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health was finally dedicated to God in front of students, faculty, government officials and the Lim family. In front of the new structure, people filed into white chairs as the brass ensemble played. The music stopped, and student and faculty dedications began. For the final touch, President Barry Corey cut the ceremonial ribbon.

“It’s a party in a way to praise God, because I think God has done a miraculous thing to bring together this many people who shared the vision and excitement of the sciences and to see that the sciences aren’t opposed to faith,” said Behzad Varamini, associate professor of biological sciences and director of the Stewart Science Honors Program.

The new science building allows for more lecture halls, laboratories and new equipment, but also two unique additions. First, the Stewart Science Honors Program, which includes a new curriculum to equip scientific minds to become leaders in their field. The second gives faculty and students a space to research, which remains a necessity for students seeking the medical field or to further education.

“It’s elevating us in the sciences to be real key players but to do it through our biblical worldview and to show that there’s not any discrepancy between science and our faith,” said Deborah Taylor, provost and senior vice president.


While the building represents a statement of science and faith coming together, the building ultimately shows an investment in the students. With state-of-the-art technology, a greenhouse and an observatory, students have the opportunity to receive an education in the best way possible.

“I really appreciate people’s generosity and faith in the faculty, in us, to great things,” said Christina Huang, senior communication sciences and disorders major. “It’s amazing that they’re willing to take that step. We’re not professionals yet, but they’re investing in us already. We really appreciate it, and we need the help.”

With the dream of the science building realized, a new vision formed for Biola. This new vision centers around what the building will enable students and faculty to do in the future

“For years, for generations, what this building will enable us to do is to train at a very high level with cutting edge technology, to be able to have training and preparation needed to go out and to succeed and make an impact and be ambassadors for Christ in the sciences,” Varamini said.

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