Boyfriend clothes – trendy or tragic?

Alyssa questions the recent style trend of “boyfriend clothes” and explores the deeper meaning behind the fad.

Alyssa Alvarez, Writer

Sometimes I stop to wonder about fashion, and what it’s saying about our generation and values. The Jegging epidemic, which I discussed earlier in my blogging history, still remains a problem. Why can’t people just wear normal pants instead of this odd combination of denim and leggings? And now, everywhere I shop it’s “The Boyfriend Jean” or “Boyfriend T’s” or “Boyfriend cardigan. Apparently it has become fashionable and trendy for a girl to look like she’s wearing her boyfriend’s clothes.

I am sorry style experts, but I don’t understand.

Loose fitting, comfortable clothes are understandable. I am all for that. But when I look at someone’s wardrobe and all I can see is a pair of pants that look like they belong to a boy who thoroughly thrashed them before giving them to his girlfriend as a token of affection, I am grossed out.

Comfort—yes. Style—maybe. Psychologically—let’s talk about this.

The real message of “boyfriend clothes”

Maybe it’s just cute to look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes. But maybe for some girls, wearing loose fitting, grungy and torn jeans gives girls a sense of pride in looking like they have a boyfriend and are wearing his clothes. And what does that do to their self esteem? Is it making girls feel like they need a boyfriend to be cool, fashionable, loved, or respected?

Maybe it’s just another fad. But like many fads nowadays, deeper long-term damage is made even by the smallest ripples through our generation. Another possibility is that dressing in “boyfriend” clothes has become a hipster thing, and nothing that I just said is true. Watch out Biola!

Weighing in

Is this a trendy thing? A hipster thing? A fashion statement? A social statement?

Comment below! Don’t be afraid to tell me if you think I’m overanalyzing it. And don’t be offended! I own a pair of pants that I later found out have the title “boyfriend jean” on the tag. Whoops.

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