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Lightening it up

Lightening it up

May 2, 2011

Fantasy baseball surprises

Joseph DeClercq, Writer

April 12, 2011

I’m going to throw four names at you, Matt Kemp, Jered Weaver, Jose Tabata, and Alexi Ogando. Exactly, who? Well, we all know who Weaver and Kemp are, but the others aren’t household names. What do these four guys mean to...

Boyfriend clothes – trendy or tragic?

Alyssa Alvarez, Writer

April 2, 2011

Sometimes I stop to wonder about fashion, and what it’s saying about our generation and values. The Jegging epidemic, which I discussed earlier in my blogging history, still remains a problem. Why can’t people just we...

Top 10 fantasy baseball second basemen

Joseph DeClercq, Writer

March 28, 2011

Second base was given a new look after Chase Utley went down with a knee injury during spring training. He usually battles Yankees star, Robinson Cano for the top spot in rankings, but this year things are different. Cano sits at...

Top 15 first basemen for fantasy baseball

Joseph DeClercq, Writer

March 23, 2011

True or False? First base is the deepest, most important position on a fantasy roster. It is a position that sets the tone for a team and if you can’t draft a power hitting, run-producing machine you might as well throw in th...

The worship experience

Alyssa Alvarez, Writer

March 8, 2011

Take this journey with me. The lights are low. You’re standing in a crowd. You can see outlines of the stage where the lights hit it, and silhouettes of others standing in front of you. When you look down at your shirt, th...

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