Toy story to my story

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Toy story to my story

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With Biola University located at the hub of the entertainment industry, none of us can escape the influence of that field, whether you’re visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame or just heading to the dollar theater for a late night study break. Even if you’re not a film major, all of our lives are impacted by the people in Hollywood and the movies they make. What are films telling us about the meaning of our lives and how does that influence our day to day thought process about the world around us? And what causes, humanitarian and other, are the stars supporting in their private lives these days?

Hello there! My name is Tiffany Castro and I am a Cinema and Media Arts film major at this lovely university! I am but one of the many students here who have a passion for Christ, film and people, and will be writing about all three of those this year. In this blog, I will bring you weekly updates about the film industry including movie and T.V. show reviews as well as what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. We have a huge year ahead of us for film. With the prime time Emmys peeking around the corner, and the last of both the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises in production, there will definitely be a lot to talk about!

As a child, my parents introduced me to the wonder of adventure and story through films such as Jurassic Park, the Indiana Jones Trilogy and many of the classic animated Disney movies. Watching movies in my household was a way of learning about the human condition and especially the importance of imagination. Ever since then, I have been a film junkie and have loved discussing how movies are influencing the people and events around us.

One film that greatly impacted my childhood was the very first Toy Story. When I saw that movie in theaters, it changed the way I viewed the stuffed animals that I cuddled for comfort at night. I remember that I never left my room without sneaking back to see if my toys were having a community get-together. But the story also taught me a deeper meaning. It made me think about how seemingly “un-alive” objects could have feelings, cares and hopes and how the children playing with the toys somehow affected them, whether intentional or not. Through this, the film really helped bring to my attention to the truth that what I do definitely affects those around me whether I want it to or not.

What film (or films!) have greatly changed how you saw the world around you? Leave your comment in the box below!

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