The smell of college

THE FRESHMAN DAZE: Alyssa explores a mysterious odor in her dorm room and talks about life on campus.


Alyssa Alvarez, Writer

And the award for Mystery of the Day goes to… “What’s that smell?” I spent an unholy amount of time last week wondering why, no matter how often I shower or change my clothes, I still seem to stink.

Now, I’m not afraid to tell you this for two reasons. One—I am hoping my bewilderment will give you a laugh. But more importantly, I hope for you to learn from me.
In my perplexity, I asked myself questions like, “Why has God punished me this way? Is incurable, embarrassing odor a lesson of humility? Here you go, love God?”

The smell of sweat and feet clung to my person like a leech, making me cringe every time I sat down and had my own air blown up to me, or got into bed and it collected in my sheets. Only after my brain fried itself contriving ways to avoid close physical proximity with my roommates and means for me to go to class without the AC blowing my fragrance around the room did I remember back to my first day at Biola…

Exploring my new room and furniture, I thought to myself, “This wardrobe closet STINKS!” I then proceeded to hang up all of my shirts and jackets in it and store my shoes there.

I’m a dork!

And even better… my clothes are still there.

Other than this pleasant mystery, which I solved using my superb detective skills, I still believe nothing beats college life right now. From discussing Harry Potter with my roommates to taking naps in the library in between reading. Screaming when my RD yells, “Man on the floor!” just to scare him (it worked!) to staying in the SUB for endless hours finishing homework that’s due at midnight and only coming back to the dorm because I forgot my power cord and my laptop is dying. (By the way, in the words of comedian Demetri Martin, how dramatic are batteries? They don’t just stop working. They DIE. Slowly and dramatically. Random.) But despite that, I am loving Biola and life on campus.

How about you? Tell me your funniest dorm story in the comment box below!

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