Awkward encounters and…jeggings?

THE FRESHMAN DAZE: Alyssa writes about her funny moments on and off campus during her first few weeks of college.


Alyssa Alvarez, Writer

I want to start by thanking everyone who has been reading my blog! I’m glad you “Like” it — literally — and I’m super thankful I can write for you all. I enjoy it as much as you do!

Here’s the latest in my freshman life:

First, meeting new people, which I guess applies to anyone, but especially freshman. Either way, I had an awkward moment meeting someone new. I met up with a friend for lunch in the Caf and he brought someone from his hall. My friend introduced us and then promptly left us alone with each other to scrounge up a conversation, which, I could tell by this guy’s demeanor would be painful. Still, in my deathly fear of awkward silences, all I could think to say was, “I like your mustache.” He responded with silence.


But his mustache actually was really cool!
Another activity more common among freshman than any other age group is visiting home. I went home last weekend for the second time since leaving for school to see my parents and some church friends. While there, my dad took me shopping for some clothes—a seemingly harmless activity. But I warn you, reader, even the simplest of undertakings can hold hidden perils.

Browsing for pants, I found some styles that interested me and when I picked them up, I noticed the pockets were there but they didn’t open. The material was denim-ish but really stretchy and lacked a zipper. I finally looked at the tag and laughed at myself for getting caught in the trap of “jeggings,” the ridiculous combination of jeans and leggings, loved for their denim look and legging comfort.

But I say nay. If you want to wear leggings, wear them. If you want to wear jeans, wear them. Normal pants, that’s all I wanted! But Target was infested with deceit and the false advertising of their trousers. They’re so real looking; even I was fooled. So I warn you, reader, beware of jeggings. They’ll snatch anyone up in a heartbeat!

When my dad asked why I was putting them back, I taught him about the deceitful phenomena. He was as confused as I was when I found out.

Agree? Disagree? Tell me what you think about “jeggings” and awkward moments in the comment box below!

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