Who’s sleeping on the floor?

Alyssa shares a funny story from her experiences as an Eagle Host this semester.


Alyssa Alvarez, Writer

So my first semester at Biola is over! Gasp!

Instead of being sentimental (as I feel you’ve all had enough of that from me), I will spend the Christmas break recounting some funny things you missed during my first semester of college, and telling you about my break as it comes.

Showing off Biola

First, an interesting experience has been housing students as an Eagle Host. I found myself supposed to be promoting Biola though I am myself only in my first semester. I am still discovering all the fantastic things I should be telling prospective students about! It’s been the strangest undertaking letting students stay in my room to see how they like Biola when I never stayed overnight at the school until I was enrolled. Biola was the only school I applied to, and even though I live just an hour and a half away, I visited only three times for a few hours each before enrolling.

The long walk

The greatest part of housing, though, is watching the poor girls’ smiles slowly deteriorate as we walk away from main campus, past the baseball field, right by the big and bright Hope Hall, past the length of Stewart, and finally break through the trees and stop at Hart’s welcoming doors, only for each of them to comment: “Wow, this is really far away from everything else.”

It makes my day. Every time.

The long night

The next best thing about housing is that there are three of us in my room already, and although we have a pull-out couch and plenty of floor space, my mind refused to work correctly about sleeping arrangements when prospectives came to stay with us.

Two girls were lined up to stay with me when Thanksgiving break ended, and instead of offering my bed and the couch while I slept on the floor, I offered my roommates’ beds and the couch.

I think I assumed my roommates would sleep in another room with an extra bed and couch, which is why I stayed in my bed and gave the girls my roommates’ beds. However, I was the only one thinking this way and my poor roommate Abby ended up sleeping on the floor of our room because she got back so late she had no idea who was in her bed or what was going on. My other roommate Sam originally offered her bed for use because she was going to be gone for the night, but I got the date wrong and when she returned there was a girl in her bed as well. Because I misheard the date, she also slept on the floor! All the while I am tucked away nice and cozy in my own bed, feeling like the most hospitable host of all time because I don’t make my guests sleep on the hard, cold dorm floor.

The long talk

Needless to say, we have since discussed my being an Eagle Host and how to make it convenient as possible for all of us without any confusion about who has to sleep on the floor.

That is—it will always be me.

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