Delivery apps leap into La Mirada

Pond Frog and Postmates provide delivery services for the La Mirada community.


Courtesy of Alex Reimer

Daisy Gonzalez, Writer

Two delivery service companies have recently come to La Mirada, allowing students to purchase take-out, groceries or retail products and have it delivered directly to them.

Whenever, wherever

Postmates brought their business to La Mirada six months ago while the new college start up, Pond Frog, arrived at the beginning of the 2017 spring semester. Sophomore business major Hunter Finnegan and his childhood friend Ian Hart, a student at Miami University of Ohio, founded Pond Frog. One year ago, Finnegan and Hart came up with the idea to create a delivery service app exclusively for college students, providing jobs for them as well.

“It’s for college students, whenever you need it, wherever you are.  If it’s 2 a.m. and you’re in the library in finals week, and you need Alberto’s — or you’re going to die — just send it in,” Finnegan said.

Continued expansion

With the focus on students, Pond Frog spread to many universities, including Indiana University, Miami University of Ohio, Ball State University and Biola University. They plan to continue their expansion further across the West Coast.

Pond Frog recorded approximately 50 orders at Biola this semester and has cumulatively made nearly $2,000 in profit for February from all of its chapters.

Finnegan and Pond Frog’s brand manager, sophomore business major Parker Setran, work together on the West Coast and see their new business venture as an opportunity to learn.

“You have nothing to lose. This is your time to try things out, fail, you can say you started a business or tried to start,” Setran said. “It’s easy to partner with faculty, get help from other students, seek guidance from older people that are actually willing to help you out.”

An important market

Meanwhile Postmates, established in 2011 by co-founder and chief executive officer Bastian Lehmann, co-founder and chief technology officer Sean Plaice and co-founder Sam Street, recognized Biola as an important market to serve in August 2016 and decided to bring their business to La Mirada.   

“It really made sense for us and it’s such a great area to be in, and Biola is there and college campuses are really, really great as well,” said Nicole Ledoux, Postmates communications specialist. “It’s pretty much the fastest way to get anything you want to anywhere. Let’s say you forgot your socks at the gym, you can get anything through our app.”

According to Finnegan, what sets Pond Frog apart from Postmates is its lowered prices and its exclusivity to college students. Senior biochemistry major Emerson Rustand said if he lived on campus, he would definitely use delivery service apps to help save time as he focused on his studies. However, living off campus, he feels he can pick his own food up on the way home.

“I think, like freshman and sophomore year when I lived on campus, I definitely would have used them just because it’s nice to be studying and then have it brought to you,” Rustand said. “I just think since I already live off campus, I already have to leave, and so it’s easy to just go home and get it. Whereas in the dorms, I didn’t cook as much in the dorms.”

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