Biola Queer Underground: A conversation of national scope

The conversation on homosexuality and gay marriage are extending far beyond La Mirada, with national policy change creating discussion.

The announcement of the Biola Queer Underground website came at a time that correlated well with what was going on in the United States. The day before, North Carolina voted in favor of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. And on Wednesday, President Barack Obama became the first president to openly state support for gay marriage.

If you missed these moments, get caught up with our recap below:

OBAMA: The president now supports the legalization of gay marriage — an issue that is legally under the purview of state governments — he announced Wednesday in an interview with NBC. This reversal in policy came after an off-the-script statement in support of gay marriage by Vice President Joseph R. Biden. The president did not support marriage equality in his 2008 presidential campaign, nor in his 2004 Senate campaign.

ROMNEY: Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is opposed to giving homosexual couples the right to marry. In fact, he is not even in favor of leaving the issue to the states, but favors a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

For more, see the article from the AP.

NORTH CAROLINA: The state voted on Tuesday to become the 30th state to ban gay marriage. North Carolina, which already had a law on the books prohibiting gay marriage, sent a constitutional amendment to the voters. The bill passed by more than 20 percentage points. The polling in the state enforced a national trend: a gap along generational lines, with older voters opposed to marriage equality and younger voters in favor.

For more, see the article from the New York Times.

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