Biola Queer Underground: What the contract says

See what the Biola contract really says about sexuality here.


By signing the Biola contract, a student agrees to abide by Community Standards. These contain rules about dancing, drugs and drinking, among others.

The Community Standards also include information on Biola’s stance and expectations for students’ sexuality.

In fact, sexuality is the topic of the third paragraph of the overview of the standards, sandwiched between a recognition of sin and a discussion on tobacco and alcohol, with a section reading as follows:

“Furthermore, students at Biola commit to refrain from practices that Scripture forbids, such as, sexual relations outside of marriage, homosexual behavior, theft and dishonesty.”

The Student Handbook, which houses the expanded community standards, details further the ways in which homosexuality are to be addressed, using much of the same language as the statement on human sexuality.

“When a student approaches us and communicates that he or she is struggling with same-sex behavior, same-sex attraction and/or sexual orientation issues we aim to offer safety that promotes openness. We pledge to extend compassion and care communicating personal acceptance, while providing accountability and assistance supporting students in their desire to live consistently with Christian teaching.”

The handbook emphasizes the importance of respect among Christian community, and then zones in on Student Development’s role with students dealing with homosexuality.

“Due to the complexity of issues related to same-sex behavior, same-sex attraction and sexual orientation, we are committed to engaging this conversation with courage, humility, prayerfulness and care. We believe, in accordance with Scripture, that we are all broken. Therefore, a primary goal of Student Development at Biola is to help each student find God in the midst of their unique history and struggles and discern how to walk with Him and others along the way.”

See the full handbook entry on sexuality here


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