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Brianna Clark is a junior English major with a concentration in writing. When she isn’t pursuing her aspiration to write and edit, she can be found spending time with the Spoken Word poetry club and chilling with her friends at the beach any chance she gets.

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Hello, my name is Brianna Clark, and I am a junior English major with a concentration in writing. My hometown is the small, wine country town of Windsor, about an hour north of San Francisco. It’s my favorite place in the world, and when I’m home, I’m often hiking the foothills, frequenting coffee shops, and cuddling my dogs. 

In the fourth grade, I received my first hand-me-down computer from my aunt—a 4G iMac desktop computer—and it’s only working function was Microsoft Word. This didn’t deter me from having fun with it, and at ten years old, I attempted to write my first book. It was only about eight pages long, unfinished, and poorly written, but my passion for storytelling had been born in that process. Ever since, I have aspired to become a writer and editor, in whatever form that takes. 

At Biola, I have been given the opportunity to pursue my love of reading and composition at the Chimes. I am the editor for the opinions section and I’m thrilled to see the thoughts and stories that will come from it during my time here. I am incredibly thankful to be a part of this community and am glad to be finishing out my Biola career here with them all!

Brianna Clark, Opinions Editor (Spring 2020)

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