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S. C. Parsons
2 months ago

This is poorly researched and even worse written. Is Kenny Cook worth the hype? Based on this article, absolutely not.

2 months ago

I understand the difficulties that arise; however, I don’t think this is honoring to a man who has spent over 15 years shepherding and leading this Biola community effectively through unprecedented circumstances. It’s hard to make the above conclusions as a student when we do not know what is going on internally. We have no credibility.

S. C. Parsons
2 months ago

Bad article.

J. Gordon
2 months ago

As an alum and parent of two students, I am extraordinarily surprised by the lack of preparation and lack of vision in anticipating the decline in enrollment. All of higher education knew this famine was arriving and Biola appears not to have planned fiscally for its arrival. Morale among the staff/faculty is very low due to the constant threat of dismissal. And yet the number of vice presidents and provosts seem plentiful. Bureaucracies seldom shrink. It will require vision, courage, and fiscal planning. I pray Biola puts its fiscal house in order to remain faithful to its mission.